Orlando Transportation to Disney’s Pandora: the World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom

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Pandora: the World of Avatar is now open, experience the breathtaking views, rides, food, and more. Every inch of the newest land in Animal Kingdom is covered with details from the Avatar film. James Cameron, director of the film was among the first to witness the parks magic and called the whole thing truly remarkable.

Guests will find themselves surrounded by wonder and mystery as they look around from the very moment the enter Pandora. It is suggested that guests first stand still and take it all in, from the sights and sounds to the unique details that captivate guests. This allows everyone to become truly connected to Pandora: the World of Avatar and a great way to start your adventure in this all new Disney Animal Kingdom land.

Greeting visitors as they enter is the mystical floating mountains. Inspired by the plants and world from the Pandora film the park includes interactive plants like the Flaska Reclinta. Gently place your hand on the side and watch the plant come to life and glow. Waterfalls surround Pandora and are another awe-inspiring sight to take in.


Experience adventures you can only have in Pandora. Avatar Flight of Passage has been one of the most popular and anticipated rides during the parks first few days. It has been called “epic, inspiring, and exhilarating” by those who have taken flight. Before the flight guests are matched with their own avatar. After seeing what their avatar form looks like guests will climb aboard the back on a banshee.

Riders will sit on what feels like a motorcycle, adding to the sensation of flight. 3D glasses allow you to take in the whole vibrant and realistic world of Pandora. This is one ride you will want to ride again and again.

Another ride is the Na’vi River Journey attraction, this is a family friendly ride through a new world. It is also proving to be a popular ride among the first guests. This boat ride takes guests down a calm, winding river surrounded by a lush rainforest. The whole forest is bioluminescent, that glows and lights your way on this one of a kind journey. Guest are searching for the Shaman of Songs and along the way will see creatures unlike anything from this world.

The Shaman herself looks life like and stands an almost ten feet tall. Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineering Portfolio creative executive calls the shaman “even more extraordinary than we expected. Her facial expressions, little movements in the cheek, tiny movement in the eyelid-each one of these carries an emotion she’s capable of conveying”

Guest will never forget this one of a kind experience at Disney Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The World of Avatar. There are also extended hours on certain days to deliver even more Disney magic. Let Tiffany Towncar provide your family with our exceptional service and vehicles. Choose from any of our late model Lincoln town cars, SUVs and vans. Don’t worry about last minute rides or confusing apps our drivers are there to pick you up on time and provide the best in travel.