Orlando Car Transportation to Bush Garden’s Falcons Fury

In Newsby D S

When your travels bring you to Central Florida, don’t let the size of the area and all the choices overwhelm you. Everywhere you look there is one adventure after the other from the Wonderful World of Walt Disney or the exciting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. Looking for a wild time journey to SeaWorld or Discovery Cove and play alongside all sorts of Sea Creatures.

Take a day trip toward Tampa and enjoy all the wild life and rides Bush Gardens has to offer. With all these adventures waiting for you make sure to pick a town car service you can count on.

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When visiting Orlando Florida make time for a day trip to a nearby adventure like Bush Gardens. This amusement park is full of wild animals and even wilder rides.   Many of those thrill rides are inspired by some animal counterparts and the newly opened Falcon’s Fury is no different. Following the lead of the bird of prey the highest point of the ride is 335 feet. 

This freestanding drop tower is the tallest in North America. Riders pivot ninety degrees in midair, face- down in a dive position till, a second later when you will plunge sixty miles per hour straight down. This ride is not for the faint of heart, it takes a brave thrill seeker to journey on this ride.

Another thrill inspired by an amazing creature is Cheetah Hunt, taking it speed from the cheetah itself. With launches reaching speeds of sixty miles an hour, and breathtaking plunges it sure to give you a wild adventure. Just like a cheetah the speed of this roller coaster makes it spectacular. Don’t leave the park without take a trip on this fast pace ride.

Day trips can be just as exciting as a whole vacation. Let Tiffany Towncar pick you up and take you to a land full of beautiful animals and one of a kind adventure. With our luxurious and spacious vehicles you will get there in no time. We are the perfect fit for your needs as you travel around.