Reasons to Choose Tiffany Towncar Services for Your Orlando, Florida Vacation

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Orlando, Florida, is home to some of the most exciting family vacation destinations in the world. There are places like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resorts, SeaWorld, the Orange County Convention Center and Port Canaveral. Planning a trip can be hectic with planes, car rental, reservations and travel. Tiffany Towncar services make your trip easier and stress free with transportation for your entire trip. Traffic, parking fees, and the hassle of finding your way from one destination to the next can make a vacation unbearable. Don’t let that happen, choose Tiffany Towncar and relax.

Traffic and Travel

Hiring a town car service can eliminate hours spent behind the wheel. Giving you more time with your family creating memories. One major concern while traveling is traffic. Many Orlando visitors will waste hours in congestion. With the use of our town car services, one can avoid it and spend more time doing what you wish. Our expert drivers have a wide knowledge of the roads and locations, this allows them to find the most efficient way to get to a destination.


Parking can be another unwanted part of your dream vacation. Parking fees have recently gone up at Walt Disney World and multiple other theme parks around Orlando. Don’t pay unnecessary fees that can put you over budget. Finding parking can also be a frustrating task. Crowded parking lots and garages can start your day off on the wrong foot. With a car service like Tiffany you won’t have worry about that. Services include drop off and pick up allowing you to get the maximum time at each stop. Effficient and dependable service is always delivered.


Travel in luxury! A private town car service is the way to travel! We have a wide array of Lincoln vehicles to choose from including town cars, SUVs and vans. Comfort is a main concern for our clients and with our vehicles selection there is something for every family, party or group. Sit back and enjoy as our drivers transport you throughout your Orlando, Florida, vacation.

This summer there is going to be a lot of exciting events and new attractions coming to theme parks in Orlando. Universal Orlando plans to unveil their new Harry Potter ride June 12 at Islands of Adventure it is called Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Walt Disney World also plans to open their Star Wars Land later this year. These new adventures are the perfect family getaway to make memories that will last a lifetime. Choose Tiffany Towncar for all your car service needs.